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Here's a free downloadable file of my Treats & Tasks Advent calendar that I created for my son and is our favourite family Christmas tradition.

I started this our first Christmas in Singapore when he was 2.5 years old. Instead of candy and toys, our advent calendar contains little notes that this exceptionally cunning Mummy plans with things that are impossible to get rascal child to do otherwise . Interspersed with fun activities and loads of treats too, so that when one of my cheeky ‘Give Mummy a giant looong hug today’ comes up, he didn’t question my involvement.

It’s so easy to do! Just write or type up 24 little notes with an even mix of tasks and treats. Essential to make sure the first 3-4 are all ‘treats’ so the child gets into it! This download has 24 of my ideas and loads of blank ones as well for you to fill in what is age appropriate and works for your family. Just print it out on an A4 sheet and cut out each block. Fold and out into an advant calendar or little pouches.

We also make a big fuss about starting it up. We put the empty advent calendar (bought this one from Bed Bath & Table years ago) in its spot next to the tree on 30th November. And then when everyone is in bed, Santa’s elves arrive and sprinkle glitter around the advent calendar and on some of the ornaments and on the tree. Ooooh!! Christmas magic has officially started!! The notes have appeared magically in the little drawers and the ornaments are now enchanted and will relay cheats to Santa! I can’t tell you how excited Kiaan gets about this silly glitter stuff! He totally buys my nonsense and I honestly LOVE doing it all! 


Make sure you plan this well! Have a calendar open when you’re putting in the notes so you’re not giving kiddo movie night mid week, or baking cookies when you’ve got your own calendar full. I plan stuff that I need to be involved with on weekends.


Also remember to mix up the treats and tasks. Eat an extra portion of veggies today, clean your room, tidy up your bookshelf, on consecutive days may instigate a revolt.


Have ingredients ready! If you’ve got cookie baking as a task and no ingredients, or movie night and no popcorn, you’re going to have a very unhappy dude.

Treats & Tasks Advent Calendar

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