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Lamya Bhatri Ebrahim


Once upon a time fashion photographer and Photo Editor at Verve Magazine, India. Ex Creative Director/ Head of Creative Content at Solopreneur (entirely by fluke). Event Stylist and designer of kicka** bespoke parties. Perfectionist/OCD afflicted crafter. Compulsive workaholic. Current one-woman-army.

Also, self confessed shopaholic. Mum to a hyper-genius-budding footballer and sassy-spunky-pure sunshine toddler girl. Dog mama to the most gorgeous ball of fur. Wife to sports addict, hor-fun loving, wine guzzling  husband. Unexplainable obsession with shiny shoes. Watcher of crappy chick flicks. Serial afternoon napper. In possession of jell-o  like brain and thighs. Art student. Procrastinator. Questionable taste in wine.  Unapologetically, unabashedly emotional.

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